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There is a growing and very real threat to businesses generally from online fraudsters. We take protecting your money seriously and have implemented a number of risk management strategies to manage this threat. These include:

1. We will not communicate with you by e-mail when providing or exchanging sensitive personal or financial information or documents with bank account details.

2. We do NOT change our bank account details. If you ever receive correspondence saying that we have changed our bank details please contact our accounts department immediately to verify our bank details and do NOT transfer any money to the ”new” bank account as it is likely to be a fraud.

3. If you make any payment to us by credit/debit card we are SAQ Compliant which means that we are taking the security measures needed to keep cardholder data safe and meeting compliance regulations.

4. At the outset of a conveyancing transaction we will ask you for original bank statements for the destination account into which monies received on your behalf will be paid. The bank account to which payment will be made is always confirmed with you in person or by telephone by our accounts department telephoning you on the telephone number you provided us at the outset.

We will continue to make every effort to follow best practice to protect your money.

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